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Why Post a product?

To display the variety of your products, and increase the opportunity to attain genuine inquiries from buyers

How to Post Products?

1-Sign in at 2-Go to Member's Area > Selling 3-Click on Add New Product

What do you mean by Product Optimization?

Product optimization aids the product to be more attractive, searchable, and easy to find by importers, buyers, and traders.

How many ways can I post products? (Manual, batch, import)

There are 3 ways you can post your products. Manual Posting, Batch upload (suitable for Unlimited Products), and importing products from your other profiles

Why is it important to select the exact Product category?

The Importance of selecting relevant and exact categories has always been significant when it comes to inquiry relevancy. Relevant category selection minimizes spam and junk messages and allows the member to receive appropriate inquiries.

What should I keep in mind while filling in the product name?

You need to be very selective and appropriate in case of choosing the product Title/Name. Select the combination of (generic + specific keywords) to make it easily searchable for buyers.

What do you mean by keywords?

Keywords are phrases to find your products by different names. They help create search listings of your products. Select relevant and generic keywords to make your product searchable

How do you select the best keywords?

You can select the most appropriate keywords that suit your product's specifications and description. Overall select the best keywords that define your products entirely.

What is the Google Keyword tool?

It's a keyword suggestion tool that helps you find keywords and alternate keywords for your products, it can also show you the monthly searches and global searches performed of any particular keyword.

What is the difference between the listing description and the detailed description?

The listing description is a brief introduction to your product. Whereas, the detailed description presents overall information about your product in detail (i.e. Material, Specification, Packaging, etc)

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scammers bring eye-catching techniques into play that induces the victim to get benefited from offers that have no existence. These offers may consist of wide-ranging services cheap rates, amazing packages, connections with Google, reserving a spot, etc.