Phishing emails

How to assess a phishing email?

Phishing emails
How to identify Scam Irexporters websites: 
The practice of creating Fake or counterfeit emails and websites is very common, and these are even similar to the company’s official website. All of these tactics and scams are played to get access to one’s personal information. Hence, if you find any email, or visit to a website asking you to fill in personal information for instance credit card no., passwords, or related things, then gear up your senses by vigilantly dealing with such sorts of counterfeit emails and sites.

Hints for identifying fake emails:
Fake emails that are mainly floating in the name of Irexporters involve bogus Irexporters’s logo and visibly fake email addresses such as “” Moreover, such emails may encompass valid text copied from authentic Irexporters emails such as inquiry emails, notifications regarding account problems and factors alike. This doesn’t mean such emails should be considered genuine due to their authentic content and context. Following are some of the courses to figure out the fake emails.


Fake Emails Irexporters Authorized Emails
The primary classification of fake email is that it asks you to respond to emails with your completed personal information We never ask our customers to provide any form of confidential details
They are mainly adapted to “urgent call to action language or use bullying statements” for account suspension in the case of delaying account information up-gradation Our clients will always find message notifications in the messages bar. You can verify any message that you might feel contains any suspicious elements through your messages folder. If it is not mentioned then it indicates its false
Such emails usually enclose attachments Our emails won't attach any documents etc. If you find any  “Irexporters” that contain attachments; will reflect that it is fake so avoid it
These emails often use generic greetings like "Attention Irexporters member"  In our case Irexporters, we always prefer greeting our respected customers with first and last names; gathered at the time of Irexporters account registration and/or Irexporters user ID

Spot out authentic Irexporters WebPages:
Fake emails generally embrace a fake website that is extremely matched with the real one. These spurious web pages are usually created and used to steal confidential information from people for carrying out potentially unethical actions. If you visit a web page and it seems like there is any feature that makes you confused regarding the authenticity of Irexporters web pages, specifically calling for confidential information, then always consider the following tips to avoid becoming a victim.


• Review the URL which is mentioned in the browser, as it must have as the domain
• If you're signing in with your Irexporters User ID and password, check that the web address starts with
Examples of fake addresses:
• (this address at times has something between the ".com" and ends with a slash)
• (this address has an ‘at’ sign ‘@’ between the period and " Irexporters ")
•http://signin- (this address contains a dash (-) instead of a period (.) between "signin" and " Irexporters ")
Most common examples of fake emails:
Scammers are usually exploiting Irexporters’ names and fake addresses for sending emails that look extremely real. The example mentioned below will clear the whole picture to distinguish between fake and valid emails.

fake emails

any link, you will be redirected to the page that looks like Irexporters Page. Just pay attention to the website bar for web address/ address verification;

fake emails
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